Rehabilitate. Research. Educate. These are the overarching goals of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. “Through sea turtle rehabilitation, research and educational programs, Georgia Sea Turtle Center staff work to increase awareness of habitat and wildlife conservation challenges, promote responsibility for ecosystem health and empower individuals to act locally, regionally, and globally to protect the environment.”

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is the coast’s premier marine life rehabilitation, research and education facility. Located in the island’s historic old power plant building, the Sea Turtle Center brings in thousands of eager visitors from across the country every year. While visiting the center, guests can experience hands-on exhibits, witness sea turtle operations and interactively learn about the conditions of the delicate coastal ecosystem.

The coast’s premier marine life rehabilitation, research and education facility

At the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, guests will learn about the exciting lives of sea turtles, as well as have opportunities to sea turtles in their recovery tanks and, if lucky, observe a turtle operation. Our friendly staff of doctors, educators and volunteers are always available to answer any question and enhance guests experiences at this hub of learning and discovery.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is open for individual and family visits, as well as school field trips, public programs and special events. Through our extensive programming and efforts for outreach, it is our mission to highlight Georgia’s unique coastal ecosystem and the mysterious world of these ancient reptiles.

All admission fees and donations to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center go to the daily operations, upkeep and maintenance of the Center, as well as exhibit development, maintenance, equipment, and, of course, all aspects of turtle care.

About the Georgia Sea Turtle Center: Established in 2007 on Jekyll Island and operated by the Jekyll Island Authority, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center was developed as an institution devoted to the rehabilitation of injured sea turtles and preservation of the delicate balance of the oceanic ecosystem.