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Care for all animals

JandDImages-041313-6083In addition to sea turtles, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center also provides medical care and rehabilitation to a variety of other native wildlife species including all turtle species, birds, alligators and snakes. The GSTC is the only wildlife rehabilitation facility in Coastal Georgia and our experienced staff and resources allow us to give these animals a chance. Animals are admitted to us for care for a variety of reasons including vehicle collisions, predation, human development and many other illnesses.

We have treated 2066 turtles of 21 different species! Of those, 678 have been released, 5 have been transferred to aquariums, and 30 remain at the GSTC.

We provide emergency and short term care to a variety of avian species, with a focus on raptors and marine birds. Since opening, the GSTC has triaged 147 birds of 72 different species. Of those, 73 have been successfully transferred to other facilities, 26 have been released, and 123 either died or were humanely euthanized.

The Diamondback Terrapin program has treated 888 diamondback terrapins. Of those 128 have been released, 7 are current patients, 146 either died or had to be euthanized and 382 were found dead on the causeway. There was another 426 that were found uninjured, marked, safely moved, and not formally treated by the center. In addition to those there were over 300 terrapins hit by cars on the causeway during the 2007 season before the project was fully developed. There have been a total of 1,017 eggs able to be extracted from dead and injured females terrapins. After incubation 334 terrapin hatchlings were successfully hatched, 238 have been released and 44 are current patients awaiting release.

The above figures are as of Fall 2012.