If you can’t make it to Jekyll Island, then let the Georgia Sea Turtle Center come to you! To participate in our off-campus outreach programs, choose one of our two convenient options:

Option 1: Sea turtles in the classroom

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center staff brings learning about sea turtles and their marine environment to life for your group with specimens and interactive activities. Teachers can choose from a list of programs and all programs are correlated to the Georgia Performance Standards.


  • Outreach programs are available on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9 A.M., 11 A.M., or 1 P.M..
  • Fees:$135 for each program with a maximum of 30 students per program* plus mileage ($0.54 per mile, round trip)
  • Outreach locations must be within 50 miles of Jekyll Island.

An additional 7 percent sales tax will be added to non-tax exempt groups for a total of $144.45 per program.









Option 2: School & community events

We are happy to participate in your event!  Turtle specimens, games, and hands-on displays are just some of the interactive activities we offer.

Fees: $75 donation to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, plus mileage ($0.54 per mile, round trip)

Event locations must be within 50 miles of Jekyll Island.










To make an outreach reservation,
please contact the Education Department at gstcreservations@jekyllisland.com
or call (912) 635-4141

Please note that all travel fees are subject to change due to increasing gas prices and are assessed on an individual basis. We are not able to bring live animals to outreaches at this time.