Field Trips Sept 24 – May 24 


Scute’s Ocean Adventure (Grades Pre-K to 2)**

Jpuppet show_scutes ocean adventureoin Scute, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle and GSTC mascot, for an unforgettable adventure!  This theatrical wonder tells the tale of Scute’s travels in the sea and encounters with other coastal characters, until a strange happening lands him in the helpful hands of Dr. Norton, the Center’s one and only veterinarian.

**This program is 1 hour in lenth and for a maximum of 26 total participants.

For more information see the educator guide.

Amazing Adaptations (Grades 2 to 5)

DDSC_4853id you know that sea turtles have been around since the time of the dinosaurs and live in the ocean their entire lives? How do they do it? Learn about the unique adaptations that allow sea turtles to survive in the marine environment and what makes them different from any other species of turtle. Through interactive role-play, a few students will actually “become” sea turtles!

For more information see the educator guide.

Garbage in the Water (Grades 2 to 5)

Why doIMG_3182es it matter if I litter?  I don’t live anywhere near the ocean.  How is my trash going to affect sea turtles?  Learn the answers to these questions and more in this interactive program. Students will learn details about one of the major threats to sea turtles today.

For more information see the educator guide.

Georgia’s Sea Turtles (Grades 6 to 8)

Students willoggerhead_turtle_graphicl learn the ins and outs of the five species of sea turtles that visit the Georgia coast.  Students will see many different sea turtle shells and skulls while discussing these exciting species.

For more information see the Georgias Sea Turtles Educator Guide

 Journey of a Sea Turtle (Grades 6 to 8)

A sea turtle? WJourneyToGo 010hat’s a sea turtle? Join us for a journey into the mysterious world of these ancient marine reptiles to learn some basic information about sea turtles. Students will learn about where sea turtles live, what they eat and their amazing journey from egg to adulthood. They will also learn about the natural and human-associated threats that sea turtles face during their lifetime and what we can all do to help them.

For more information see the Journey of a Sea Turtle Educator Guide

Sea Turtle Scientist (Grades 6 to 8) STEM**

Through an inquirybased activity, students are introduced to the life cycle of the loggerhead sea turtle and the scientific conundrums associated with each ageclass. The program combines a scavenger hunt, teamwork, critical thinking, and public speaking to learn the life stages while working backwards though the scientific method to solve some of the greatest sea turtle mysteries.

**This program can accommodate a maximum of 36 participants.

For more information see the Sea Turtle Scientist Educator Guide

Diamondback Defenders (Grades 6 to 12) STEM**

The Georgia coastline is home to many unique species including those that inhabit our salt mashes. Diamondback terrapins face many threats including human-created impacts. Through a series of simulations modified from actual on-going research at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, students will learn how each of us can aid in the protection of this species.

**This program can accommodate a maximum of 26 participants.

For more information see the Diamondback Defenders Educator Guide

Sea Turtle Rescue 9-1-1 (Grades 9 to 12) STEM**

Where do seaRescue 911 Debut 3-4-08 (28) turtles go when they are sick or hurt? Learn how and why turtles get sick and the importance of a sea turtle hospital. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center staff will discuss the daily care of our patients and teach students methods of sea turtle rehabilitation and husbandry. Then students will get an opportunity to practice some of these techniques by participating in a mock rescue event! Students will break into turtle teams and together become sea turtle vets! They will be given an imaginary patient, determine what is wrong with the turtle, and decide how to treat their patient.  This program is recommended for students ages 15 and above.

**This program can accommodate a maximum of 26 participants.

For more information see the educator guide.

Out of the Box (Grades 6 to 12) STEM**

Meet the shy andBox Turtle Hatchling (a) elusive Eastern box turtle and learn how their lives are affected by human activities.  These fascinating animals often live right next to human dwellings, but are only seen when crossing roads or otherwise caught outside of their natural habitat.  The research team at the GSTC is radio tracking these animals to learn more about their habits so as to better help them stay wild.  Learn what we know in this unique program geared towards middle school and high school students.

**This program can accommodate a maximum of 26 participants.

For more information, see the educator guide.