Veterinary Medicine  |  Husbandry

Learn about how we provide veterinary care for all of our patients by reading about what we do in each of the following facilities:


This room is where the vast majority of veterinary procedures take place at the GSTC. Treatments include everything from simple weigh-ins to complex surgeries. Visitors to the GSTC can view activities in the treatment room through a large glass window in our exhibit gallery, and educators and volunteers are usually on-hand to interpret procedures and answer guest questions. The treatment room is also featured on our behind-the-scenes tour, during which many guests are able to view patient treatments up-close.


This smaller room is connected to the treatment room and serves as a space to prepare for and conduct surgeries. Visit the surgical suite page to learn more about surgeries and surgical equipment at the GSTC.


This room houses our x-ray equipment, and also serves as an intensive care unit for animals that need close monitoring. Visit the radiology suite page to learn more about our x-ray technology, as well as to see some amazing x-ray images of actual GSTC patients.