Veterinary MedicineHusbandry

The Rehabilitation Department at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center (GSTC) involves both animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine.

Sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation is the main focus of our rehabilitation department.  We have also identified a need for high quality veterinary care for a variety of other native species in Georgia. As an education-oriented facility, we recognize that individual patients and their stories can have a profound impact on visitors coming through the center. Accordingly we try to make our patients and patient histories as accessible to the public as possible.

Meet the Patients!

Our hospital is equipped with a large viewing window so visitors can watch treatments and procedures. Our Rehabilitation Pavilion contains an elevated walkway so visitors can easily view sea turtle patients and read fact sheets detailing their histories. Visitors can even elect to purchase a Behind-the-Scenes Tour, which provides an even closer look at our patients and their care. Check out our Facility to learn more about the center and what it can offer visitors!

Diamondback Terrapin research and rehabilitation are other major components of GSTC conservation efforts on Jekyll Island. Take a look at our diamondback terrapin conservation and diamondback terrapins and roads pages to learn more about the many management strategies being undertaken to help protect this unique marsh species.

An important goal of the GSTC is to help teach future conservation and veterinary professionals. Visit our Employment page to learn more about externship opportunities for veterinary students at our center.

Participating in wildlife health research is another way in which the GSTC strives to contribute to conservation efforts. Check out our veterinary and Wildlife Health Research page to learn more about the many different projects undertaken by the GSTC and its collaborators.