Our mission is accomplished through our integrative programs and services of our Education, Rehabilitation, and Research Departments.



The Education Department at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center provides outstanding environmental education for the general public and the nearly 100,000 visitors that come each year to the Center. Through our very active education programs, we’ve reached more than 500 schools and tens of thousands of students.


The Rehabilitation Department at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center has treated hundreds of sea turtles with a release rate of nearly 60% of these patients. The interaction and exposure of individuals and organizations to the Center’s rehabilitation activities provides a unique opportunity to increase awareness and for people to embrace the need to protect and care for threatened marine wildlife.


The Research Department at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center integrates the fields of Ecology, Wildlife Health, and Environmental Education. All research themes center on conservation and developing the management tools needed for the persistence of native wildlife populations, many of which are dealing with drastically changing landscapes.